Damta Wiki
  1. left (direction) 'izdu (E; 1EA)
  2. right (direction) maedu (E; 1EA)
  3. good (in quality) pxei (DA)
  4. bad (in quality) qoe'ru (7EA)
  5. white saogu (7EA)
  6. black kamu (7EA)
  7. short (length) qob (CA)
  8. long (length) gir (CA)
  9. wide 'audu (7EA)
  10. thin spazu (7EA)
  11. thick reuq (CA)
  12. small pi'u (7EA)
  13. big txob (CA)
  14. heavy deudu (7EA)
  15. cold (water) 'aixa (1EA)
  16. warm (water) thair (CA)
  17. hot (water) thair (CA)
  18. low (in altitude) quk (CA)
  19. high (in altitude) qai (DA)
  20. deep (vertically) kxoi (DA)
  21. dry raebu (7EA)
  22. wet xanza (1EA)
  23. soft xisa (1EA)
  24. hard dandu (7EA)
  25. slow 'onqo (1EA)
  26. fast zix (CA)
  27. new grin (CA)
  28. old (opposite of new) preu (DA)
  29. straight sqiki (1EA)
  30. top (of mountain, hill) xao (I)
  31. bottom (of mountain, hill) bub'ae (I)
  32. front (of house) kakta (I)
  33. back (of house) hhu' (I)
  34. to play (a game) gogra'
  35. to meet (for the first time) 'imra'
  36. to think (cogitate) pxaqra'
  37. to know (information) dezra'
  38. to know (a person) 'axra'
  39. to love (romantically, eros) bebra'
  40. to love (as a friend) bebra'
  41. to speak, to talk hho'ra'
  42. to say tedra'
  43. to ask (a question) theimra'
  44. to thank boexra'
  45. to sing (of a person) 'ae'ra'
  46. to build (construct) bokra'
  47. to take (pick up and carry) psitra'
  48. to give tsotra'
  49. to pull 'idra'
  50. to push tatsra'
  51. to touch keigra'
  52. to blow (breathe out) pshou'ra'
  53. to throw 'ouxra'
  54. to break (glass, plate) hhepra'
  55. to cut (with knife) katra'
  56. to dig 'oezra'
  57. to sit, to be sitting praira'
  58. to stand, to be standing dregra'
  59. to lie (on back) dzeqra'
  60. to fall qsiqra'
  61. to cry gau'ra'
  62. to laugh semra'
  63. to close one’s eyes meqra'
  64. to open one’s eyes batsra'
  65. to breathe pshou'ra'
  66. to eat (of people) zibra'
  67. to drink zhao'ra'
  68. to sleep zasra'
  69. to see (with the eyes) zoudra'
  70. to hear qao'ra'
  71. to feel (with the sense of touch) kidzra'
  72. smooth (of surface) qshidu (7EA)
  73. rough (of surface) sqouq (CA)
  74. to wash (body parts) 'aonra'
  75. to go (on foot) 'o'ra'
  76. to come (towards third party) kragra'
  77. to turn (change direction) broidra'
  78. to climb (a tree) 'etxra'
  79. to climb (a mountain, hill) 'etxra'
  80. to dance moetsra'
  81. to fly qapra'
  82. to run dzimra'
  83. to swim boibra'
  84. to walk qitxra'
  85. to bite (of mammal) tsizra'
  86. to hurt (injure) hhaidra'
  87. to kick txikra'
  88. to kill (person) 'edra'
  89. to fight (physically, intransitive) dhudzra'
  90. world 'eu (E)
  91. sun dzur (E)
  92. star krex (E)
  93. moon (the Moon) gau (E)
  94. sky naoq (E)
  95. wind hhi'shi (E)
  96. rain shin (E)
  97. cloud qsanthu (E)
  98. water (cold, moving) 'aona (I)
  99. water (hot, moving) 'aona (I)
  100. water (cold, not moving) 'aona (I)
  101. water (hot, not moving) 'aona (I)
  102. ice hhaksi (I)
  103. air (sky) pxu (E)
  104. light (natural) minti (E)
  105. fire qsei (E)
  106. earth (ground, dirt) te'nus (I)
  107. wood 'odze (I)
  108. dust dzroits (I)
  109. rock, stone gogu (I)
  110. salt (in sea) kxek (I)
  111. sand peb (I)
  112. soil, dirt shumpxa (I)
  113. mountain 'abra (I)
  114. sea (ocean) sets (I)
  115. river (flowing into the sea) shei (I)
  116. river (flowing into another river) shei (I)
  117. lake gou'ra (I)
  118. to flow (move in a stream) ksouqra'
  119. morning (early morning) dhangra (E)
  120. morning (late morning) dhangra (E)
  121. day, daytime dar (E)
  122. evening mogra (E)
  123. night kxun (E)
  124. round (spherical) bobu (7EA)
  125. to freeze (transitive) kshakra'
  126. to burn (transitive) kxibra'
  127. food (I need ~ and water) maoz (I)
  128. to cook thodra'
  129. meat brez (I)
  130. fruit (as food) qux (I)
  131. water (as drink or for cooking, cold) thor (I)
  132. water (as drink or for cooking, hot) thor (I)
  133. home, house hhoqa (I)
  134. music gaog (I)
  135. clothes badra (I) (singular)
  136. leaf (on plant) se'pxu (I)
  137. leaf (fallen off) 'ithu (I)
  138. seed (to be planted) sei' (I)
  139. seed (inside apple, watermelon, etc.) sei' (I)
  140. stick dhiga (I)
  141. wing (of vertebrate) kaura (B)
  142. body go'ru (H)
  143. hair tem (B) (strand of hair; means mass of hair in the plural)
  144. head kaom (B)
  145. face 'ao (B)
  146. eye zeud (B)
  147. nose nebu (B)
  148. mouth paxu (B)
  149. tooth zhed (B)
  150. tongue gihhes (B)
  151. ear qao (B)
  152. neck boqta (B)
  153. arm neug (B)
  154. hand kru'a (B)
  155. finger sai (B)
  156. nail zredz (B)
  157. knee peq'iq (B)
  158. foot qitx (B)
  159. skin (as an organ) kidz (B)
  160. heart grau (B)
  161. blood bei' (B)
  162. tear gauhhi (B)
  163. egg (as reproductive device) kohha (I)
  164. life (experience of living) pao (E)
  165. to live (be alive) paora'
  166. mind (center of thoughts and emotions) po'a (B)
  167. to grow (intransitive) noeqra'
  168. to die (of a person) 'atra'
  169. happy kshiz (CA)
  170. sad geu (DA)
  171. afraid 'aonqe (1EA)
  172. angry brainde (1EA)
  173. plant zimba (I)
  174. flower nahha (I)
  175. tree hhaz (I)
  176. mother 'em (F)
  177. father 'et (M)
  178. older sister (of a sister) hhes (F)
  179. older sister (of a brother) hhes (F)
  180. younger sister (of a sister) hhes (F)
  181. younger sister (of a brother) hhes (F)
  182. older brother (of a sister) qxad (M)
  183. older brother (of a brother) qxad (M)
  184. younger brother (of a sister) qxad (M)
  185. younger brother (of a brother) qxad (M)
  186. child (reciprocal of parent) shab (H)
  187. daughter (of a mother) mudha (F)
  188. daughter (of a father) mudha (F)
  189. son (of a mother) zutx (M)
  190. son (of a father) zutx (M)
  191. person/people zhin (H)
  192. baby gaigai (H)
  193. child (prepubescent person) 'ar (H)
  194. girl (female child) txau (F)
  195. boy (male child) sko'rao (M)
  196. girl (young woman) 'ana (F)
  197. boy (young man) greg (M)
  198. woman 'iraog (F)
  199. man (as distinguished from woman) ksapu (M)
  200. friend (person with mutual liking and shared fun) kxet (H)