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The blackhead spider (Taeniarachnion nigricapitis) is a spider of the savannahs of Damta. It is the type species of Taeniarachniidae (the tapeweb spiders), a family of mygalomorph spiders close to the Ctenizidae (trapdoor spiders).

Blackhead spiders can be identified by their black heads, with their abdomens and legs a slightly golden brown color.

You know a blackhead spider or another species in its family is nearby when you see a blackhead spider's long, rectangular web, which resembles a line of toilet paper or Scotch tape. Blackhead spiders will build these webs close to the ground, often only a meter or so from their holes, which these spiders make in mounds in the ground. Blackhead spiders will capture various insects in these webs, and also other arachnids such as ticks and mites. The webs are even strong enough to capture some small rodents and insectivores, such as mice, voles, and shrews.

Blackhead spiders do their living underground, and come up to suck the blood of whatever arthropod or mammal has had the misfortune to be ensnared in their web recently. Blackhead spiders have their mating season in the spring, and each female gives live birth in the early summer to eight to ten baby spiders, after a gestation period of two months.

Although blackhead spiders are venomous, they mainly use their venom on creatures that would eat them, rather than on anything they would eat. Their venom can make a human sick, but usually cannot kill her or him. Predators of the blackhead spider include many snakes and lizards, as well as some frogs, toads, and salamanders, eagles, hawks, vultures, owls, praying mantises, wasps, and hedgehogs.