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The historical timeline in the Damta world is commonly measured with two temporal reference points. BCE/CE is not used but is an approximate reference for equivalent times in real world history. PS is the most ancient and universal dating system stemming back to the founding of a mythical founding date for a great city. AG is a dating system from a far later time. 0 AG is equivalent to 11 750 PS.

When filling in dates please consult the World Map for map coordinates. These coordinates are in the format of a capital letter and number. For example 'B5' or 'D9'.

PS 0/ -11 750 AG: (9000 BCE)

The founding of the mythical city referred to as Pɛssig in Early Bokisig mythology. This is the oldest textual reference to a presumed real world event Damta chronologists have.

By to PS 1000 / -10 750 AG:

This era includes the earliest evidence of writing and the earliest cities.

By PS 7000 / -7 750 AG:

Urbanization and agriculture continue to grow during this area. The oldest extant law codes have been recovered from this era but are presumed to have had older precedents.

Hunter-gatherer tribes speaking a precursor of Early Bokisig are present in the savannah in E4 from at least this time on.

By PS 8000/ -6 750 AG:

An offshoot of the Txabao people from the desert to the west of the highlands and mountain range ventures onto the territory peopled by the Bokisig in E4, resulting in the Wars Against and For the Old Order between the Bokisig and Txabao invaders.

By PS 8350 / -6 400 AG:

Wars Against and For the Old Order ended with a victory for the Bokisig people and the formation of the Bokisig Confederation.

By PS 9000/ -5 750 AG:

End of the Bokisig Confederation.

By PS 10 000/ - 4750 AG: (1 AD)

By PS 10 250/ - 4500 AG:

A group speaking a Txabaoic language which becomes classical Kojikeng settles in the north eastern Oratsem peninsula (north western part of C5). Over several centuries they would become politically dominant in the peninsula.

By PS 11750/ 0 AG:

The generation of (nuclear power?/the Combustion Engine?) becomes feasible and starts to be implemented allowing huge steps forward in power generation. On the Oratsem peninsula this technology during a tumultuous period leads unification of many Kojikeng nations.

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