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The looks of typical Likepeg people

Likepegs, or the Likepeg people or Sitr people, are an ethnic group of Damta, they speak the Sitr languages and are the main ethnic group of Kompalia. The word Likepeg means "North people" in the Modern Standard Sitr language.


Physiologically the Likepeg people resemble the peoples of the Caucasus the most. They also resemble Europeans and Middle East peoples quite a bit.





All societies have families, and nuclear families consisting of a father, a mother and the biological children of both sexes of the mother exist in all societies, either as the most prevalent form of family or as a part of an extended family.

The Likepeg society is traditionally divided into family. Traditional families of Likepeg people are extended family consisting of parents, their children and other relatives, and the oldest member, usually the oldest male, is the leader of the family and has the authority to make decisions that would affect most members of the family like marriage, adoption, and the acquisition or transferral of familial properties; however, mostly, the leader of the family would discuss with all other family members before making final decisions.

nuclear family has become more common in Likepeg society nowadays, as a result of industrialization and modernization.



All societies have marriage in the sense of culturally recognised union between people, so does Likepeg people. Likepeg people are strictly monogamous, having two wives or hasbands are frowned upon, and the law of Notzel also prohibits polygamy.

Besides, incest is a strict taboo in the society of Likepeg people.



The main religion of the Likepegs is Paarism, a dualistic religion featuring the struggle between two Gods and anti-idolatry; however, an older, shamanistic religion also exists among Likepegs, especially those who live in remote areas.


The Sitr people speak a variety of Sitr languages. All Sitr languages are descended from Classical Sitr, and the modern standard form of Sitr languages is Modern Standard Sitr, and Modern Standard Sitr is the official language of Kompalia.

Naming Tradition[]

Names of the Likepegs traditionally follow the Eastern name order, that is, the surname is placed before the given name; however, in English transliteration, the Western name order is often used.

For example, in the name Gaalin Amsan, the Gaalin part is the surname, and the Amsan part is the given name.

Before the Fifth Republic, most ethnic Likepegs did't have a surname; however, a surname is required for every citizen of Kompalia since the formation of the Sixth Republic