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"ya" = years before the Zero Year. Zero Year is -2125 AG.

800-600 ya[]

Year Event
~750 ya Migration of Paheans to the south.
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600-400 ya[]

Year Event
~600 ya C tribe conquests D. D language soon extincts.
~600-200 ya Time of Hanian language unity.

400-200 ya[]

Year Event
312 ya The Great Flood
312-200 ya The C tribe running away from the flood displaced Hanians from the Steppe. A part of them moved to highlands (Highland Plakian language) and a part migrated to the south.
~250 ya The invention of writing by Highland Plakians.

200 ya-0[]

Year Event
~150 ya First towns.
~100 ya The first states: XXX and YYY in highlands.

After the 0 year[]